Thursday, November 24, 2011

University Don gives talk in aid of Prehistory Club

By Lawrence Nzuve

Pennsylvania University Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and a world renown researcher in primates Prof. Nina Jablonski was the guest speaker at the Kenya Museum Society's dinner talk that was held in the Louis Leakey auditorium in the Nairobi National Museum on the 23rd November 2011. The talk organised by the KMS was to help in fundraising for the Prehistory Club of Kenya.

(R-L) KMS' Patricia, Prof. Jablonski and Dr. Manthi just before the talk

Giving a well attended talk that attracted prehistory enthusiasts from all over the city and without, Nina reiterated that Skin color is not a unique attribute that can be used to define races. Jablonski wondered why teachers were constantly looking around for teaching materials on evolution while the skin in actual fact was a moving laboratory that everyone possessed

"Racial discrimination on the basis of Skin color is a biological nonsense", offered Prof. Jablonski.

Prof. Jablonski addresses prehistory enthusiasts

She added that the obsession with skin color was as a result of humans being very visual and hence missing the whole point and that under the skin all humanity was the same.

All in all, it was an evening to remember and at the end of it all, she offered 500 US dollars to be matched by KMS members and members of the public Dollar for Dollar in aid of the Club.

Also attending was the Prehistory Club chair Dr. Fredrick Manthi and students from Peponi school as well as KMS members and other Nairobi socialites.

Participants keenly follow the talk: they included Peponi students


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